Saturday, April 2, 2011

Absence Makes Your Heart Grow?

It's been quite awhile since I posted. I have posts swirling in my head (like about how we went to see Rachel Coleman of "Baby Signing Times" live and I sobbed through 25% of it . . . yeah . . . you know you are a mom when . . . OR about how (knock on wood) Sammie B is sleeping all night in her own big girl bed these days (despite some regression on my part!)), but I've just been in a fog lately. So, while I wait for the fog to lift (it will, soon, I'm sure), I just wanted to say:

We are here. We are a-okay. We are just working, and playing, and living. And, now I leave you with two of my favorite recent therapy pictures.

Pulling to stand on the famous "Rody":

And, stretching it out . . . .

Stay tuned for more!


mamacarlson09 said...

Good job, Sammie B! I love how happy she is in the first picture. Those proud smiles are the best! Rody is one of my son's favorite parts of PT too.

Sebrina said...

love her smiling face!!