Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Love Affair

Sam has fallen in love. Head over heels. Unfortunately, he's green. Cute, but green. And ogre'ish.

I guess its always funny what kids get attached to or what toys they love or hate. She really likes farm animals, so I bought her one of those little people farms, thinking she'd LOVE it. I even kept it in my car for days because I wanted to get it out when I had time to sit and play with it with her for awhile. Didn't want anyone else to have that honor. I was so excited. Guess what?! Her -- not so excited. Kind of luke warm about it actually. And another time, B was at Target and decided he wanted to bring a surprise home for her. He was actually deciding between Elmo and this "Little Abuelito" doll (can't find an online picture to link to, but its a little old man with glasses), and because the latter had glasses, he thought she'd LOVE him. He came running in the door, ecstatic to show her what he'd found. A DOLL. WITH GLASSES. She burst into tears. Scared to death of the Little Abuelito. Abuelito went back to Target (maybe many kids had similar reactions and that's why the little man is not available anymore?!), and we got a tickly Elmo instead.

But this shrek. Wow. She got him when we were at B's cousins' house in Northern Cal on our little vacay earlier this summer. Their kids weren't into him, and Sam fell for him. Hard. So, we got to take him home. Her face lights up when she sees him. And, if you look back at this blog over the last few months, you'll see Mr. Shrek has made many appearances. It's love.

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