Thursday, September 25, 2014

Six Years of Sammie


She's six, and while my brain knows it is true, somehow, I can't believe it.  Six years of this little girl, who is suddenly looking and acting so grown up.  I keep thinking about what I want to say in her annual birthday letter, and honest-to-goodness, I haven't yet found the words to convey it all.  I never could have imagined I could love someone else so much until I became mama, and she was and is the perfect little girl to have made me a mama.  I adore her with every piece of my soul, am so, so proud of the little person she is, and I just can't believe she's six.  Six.  I'll keep searching within for the words for her birthday letter, but for now, just this.  Six.  Six years of my Sammie B, six years of magic, six years of awesome. 

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