Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Most Magical Place . . .

Work has been . . . intense this summer, to say the least.  I've worked (much, much) more than part-time, but I've now finally got a reprieve.  Finally, finally.   Time to breathe, blog, and just be . . . 

Remember how I promised Sammie B we'd take her to Disneyland after her intensive therapy?  Well, we did.  And, I booked the trip sometime after being stuck in a conference room for 20 hours straight working on a motion.  What better time to book a trip than when you are working on zero sleep, missing your family like crazy, and dreaming of a little mini-vacay?  I knew I had to have something big to look forward to, and I knew my girl deserved a big weekend after her three weeks of intensive therapy.  So, I booked a weekend I might not have otherwise booked, and we went big.  It was so, so worth it.  We stayed in one of the Disney resort hotels, we did the two-day two park hopper passes, and we had an absolute blast.   It was so, so nice to sneak back to the hotel each afternoon for a family nap, to wake up and say "Who wants to go back to Disney?" and have two little girls squealing "Me me me!"  It was  

It was a full weekend of celebrating and family and it was everything, everything we all needed.  

At California Adventure
Meeting Merida -- one of my favorite parts of this trip is that while Sammie B has long been character and princess-obsessed, this time, Mia was really into it -- both LOVED seeing the princesses, Minnie, Mickey, and all the characters.  (Sammie was so disappointed that Mia refused to wear her Minnie costume).   
Hotel pool/splash pad
Water show at California Adventure while we waited for lunch with the princesses
Downtown Disney - Classic Mia face
One of the 40 inches and up rides :o) she was too short for this one in December.  They also rode the really fast Cars ride and Sam loved it.  After they got off, B said, "that was so fast!  It was like a roller coaster, and Sammie said, "no, it was just a ride."   
She didn't pick the ride, and didn't want to ride it (Mia picked) so we told her you don't have to look then, so she didn't.  (Except check out that peep hole!).   
Mesmerized during the parade
Best part about mini-vacations?  Snuggling with my girls till 10 am! 
So much fun!
There's no one on earth I'd rather spend a weekend with than these three . . . . no one.   Just tonight, after B spent the day out with Sammie B (a date to see a princess puppet show) and I spent the day with just Mia (something we are still trying to do nearly every weekend, giving each girl one-on-one time with one of us; Mia and I went to the park and out to lunch), I told B, "I love my one-on-one time with each of them, but there's something about the four of us coming back together at the end of the day that just feels perfect."  And it did.  As I scrambled in the kitchen to throw dinner together (with Mia whining at my legs saying "hold you hold you hold you") and B out at the grill on the patio, with Sammie B scootching around, collecting rocks (her favorite thing these days), everything felt so blissfully chaotic and wonderful.   I love a weekend.  Love it. Especially the non-office kind.   

And of all the weekends this summer, our Disney weekend was definitely my favorite.   We didn't get to take a "real" vacation away this summer, but have had a few little weekend trips (and a time still for maybe one more before Sammie B starts back to school on September 9!).    

Time seems to be moving at warp speed, and I want to soak in these amazing family moments.  If there was a way to memorize every second of these days, every moment with my two littles, I would. They are both magical.   

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