Sunday, September 9, 2012

Random Reflections for You

- These two smiles make my heart skip a beat.  For real.

- I need an iPhone so I can take amazing pictures like that on my phone.

- Tomorrow is Sammie B's IEP, which I'm not super stoked for.  (Understatement!)  Of all the things on this journey, the things I could do without are, without question:  medical tests (duh), developmental assessments (and the reports that follow them), and IEPs.   Sitting in a room with a bunch of "experts" talking about your child's weaknesses just stinks.  All the way around.

- In preparation for the IEP, I went through last year's reports and goals and the written IEP.   Last year, at this time, we reported that Sam "occasionally" put three or four words together, but usually spoke in 1 - 2 word utterances or signed.  Wow.  What a difference a year makes.   This little girl speaks in full sentences, asks and answers questions, and so much more.   Yesterday, she put her head on my chest, and I said, "do you hear my heart going 'lub dub lub dub'?" to which she said, "I need a stethoscope."   Oh yes.  She said stethoscope, and neither B nor I knew how she remembered or knew the name of that!   Blew us away.   The sky is still the limit.   This little lady is not to be underestimated.   (Ironically, as I looked through her goals, the speech ones were the one area where I knew she'd met every single goal - and exceeded them - and the speech therapist is the one that showed up about 10% of the time last year . . . . oy).

- The other little lady in our lives -- Mia Mia -- has also been blowing us away.  She's become such a happy, chill little lady, so content to just crawl around and play on her own.  B and I commented yesterday that we couldn't have designed a more perfect little sister for this family.  As we swam yesterday, and Mia floated around, content with her floaties and pool noodle while I snapped pictures and B helped Sammie B jump off the side of the pool . . . over and over and over . . . I just marveled at Mia.  Her independence.  Her contentment.  Watching us help her sister, and demanding so little.  As my friend said, it's like we were all puzzle pieces, meant to be together.

- We've spent so, so much time in the pool lately, and I love it.  Last week, Sammie B swam four days in a row, this week she swam three.  It is so, so good for her, and fun for all of us. 

- Sammie B has developed quite the bossy streak, and it is charming.  So, so charming.  Mostly because B is usually the target of her commands, not me.  She's constantly telling him, "stop doing that dada," and "sit over there, dada."  I'm pretty sure if MY OWN DAD is reading this, this reminds him of another bossy little girl he once knew.

- I shared this one on facebook, but it totally belongs on the blog (mostly for posterity). . . as we sat and watched the Democratic National Convention last week, Sammie B said she wanted to meet Obama.  I said, "I'd like to meet him someday too.  Maybe we can try going to his house where he lives sometime," to which she said, "What will I wear?"  Oh my.  That's my girl.

- This weekend and last, we had family time in the pool and playing, but we also each got some one-on-one time with each girl, which was really nice.  Yesterday, B took Mia out on errands while I sat and played with Sammie B and some of her big girl games that we've had to keep put away when Mia's out (because Mia grabs everything).  That was so, so nice.  Much needed time, just me and my big girl.  And then today, Mia and I met one of my friends at a kid's museum for a little bit and then had lunch while B and Sammie B swam and picnicked.  PERFECT PERFECT.  We've made a very concerted effort to still do outings with just Sammie B ("special time" as we call it) but today was my first time planning a special outing for just me and Mia, as opposed to just spending time with her at home or out doing errands while B and Sammie B were out.  It is hard enough in this busy life to fit in family time, but we know too that we must always work to fit in "dates" for each of us with each of the girls.   And, that was what this weekend was all about (last weekend, we did the reverse, I took Sammie B out on a date, while B took Mia to the park).

- Tonight, as I walked around Mia's room with her snoozing on my shoulder before putting her to bed, all I could think was, "how is it that there are two little girls in this world that think my shoulder is the most comforting place in the world?"  I wouldn't have it any other way.  Oh how I love them.

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