Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy "Dada" Day!

I really can't believe I've gone over a month without posting.   I really have no other excuse, other than that work (and life) is keeping me so busy.  So busy.   I will most definitely have to do a bullet-point 'catch up' post to get myself back in the blogging game, but for now, I bring you our "Dada's Day."    (I'm pretty sure Sammie B told B "Happy Dada Day!" - with total glee and excitement in her voice - at least 90 times yesterday.   Magic).

Last week, I gave B several choices of what he wanted to do for Father's Day . . . a hike, tide pools, beach, bowling . . . and he picked bowling.  So, with two kiddos under four, we bowled (giving ourselves a 10 for ambitiousness!). 

Things started off a little dicey.  Sammie B has started this "thing" where she gets scared and clingy in brand new situations/environments, which I'm told is totally age-appropriate -- that kids seem to develop new fears around 3 to 4.  Age-appropriate or not, the whole thing has totally thrown us for a loop because the clingy, crying, scared thing is just new for her and us.  And, in the moments, when she's in the throes of the fear/panic, all I want to do is and I dont't know how, other than to hug her, reassure her, and keep coaxing her.  So, that's what we did.   And, after crying, refusing to bowl, and wrapping herself around me in utter and complete melt-down mode, she did TRY it, and we all had a grand time!  

Dada and his girls: 

Giving bowling a shot:

SUPER serious bowler face:

And this little lady just crawled after B every time he went to bowl:

Showing Mia how its done:

Enjoying a soft pretzel (guess what?  she's no longer gluten-free.  We took all gluten out of her diet when she was just under a year old and had an allergic reaction to wheat.  At her pediatrician's advice, we waited three years before re-introducing and NO ALLERGY!  Bring on the carbs!)

I was there too . . .

To B, the "dada" to my "mama."  Here's to our little family of four, here's to living, laughing and loving, even in the hard times. 

Here's to "Dada Day."   It was a happy one indeed. 

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