Monday, September 29, 2014


Mia is swimming without fins or floaties or anything now.  Just swimming.  Blows my mind.  And on Saturday, when Sammie saw Mia go, go, go for the first time with nothing on, she just said (squealed, actually):  "Look at Mia!  She's swimming without anything on! I'm so proud of her!" and my heart nearly burst.

I worried how it would feel for Sammie, and honestly, for me, when Mia conquered motor stuff before Sammie.  But just like when Mia took her first steps, Sammie is my guide.  She cheers the hardest and the loudest for all things Mia.  And every other feeling I could or that I thought I might feel just melts away, as I relish in the beauty that is each of my girls, and both of them. 


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you, that it's a relief to see Sammie enjoying Mia's accomplishments.

But I'm not surprised at all. Everything you've ever described of Sammie has been consistent with a child that is so very loving, nurturing and kind. She seems rather devoid jealousy - and I bet she may even enjoy the accomplishment vicariously through Mia. Mia is Sammie's sister and Sammie obviously feels very invested in sharing those well she should.

These two will be life-long friends.


-Sky's mommy

Cristina said...

:') Your girls are beautiful inside and out. <3